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Zinc Systems and B4 Secure Strategic Alliance Leveraging The Power of Data Capture and Analytical Assessment.

Businesses need to continuously develop effective risk and threat management across all management levels by identifying, reporting, and escalating threats and risk to senior executive teams and coordinating operational responses.

As such Security and Intelligence plans are becoming more complex and entwined. Through the digitalisation and integration of these plans, organisations can become more accurate at identifying and remediating risk, responding to incidents quickly, reporting of trends, improve processes and reducing costs. 

This partnership is set to leverage the power of data and human analysis and is formed around a shared belief that this combination will align the best of breed, technology, people, and processes, enable organisations to have a complete picture of their vulnerabilities and have robust defences and responses available.

Zinc Systems (Zinc) and B4 Secure in partnership will provide robust control frameworks and support continual business improvement and resilience. Clients will have access to rich data and receive insight so that stress and scenario tests can be undertaken within their businesses to protect vulnerable areas. This in turn supports and assists in updating business continuity plans and staff training.

“B4 Secure provides analytical interpretation and assessment of information using highly skilled and experienced in-house Analysts and Open-Source Researchers for operational and strategic threats, supporting enterprise risk management and business resilience. The B4 Secure team will utilise and further enrich Zinc’s captured data, producing meaningful intelligence assessments from the B4 Secure Business Intelligence Framework suite of products. This ensures clients receive accurate, timely and relevant information to support decision makers in operating the ‘three lines of defence’ risk/threat management model. Therefore, I am delighted, today, to announce our alliance with Zinc Systems, leaders in the physical incident management space, to protect all our clients” – Julie Nel, Founder & CEO, B4 Secure

“Zinc’s mission is to help organisations control disruption smarter and deliver solutions to the management of data capture, incident management, critical communications, and assurance activities, as well as leverage the power of data insight. With the risk space growing in its complexity, a converged approach to data processing and intelligence is key to any organisation. We are delighted to be working with the B4 Secure team, who’s expertise and high market-standing will naturally complement our offer, creating a high-value proposition for all our clients.” – Joe Zielinski, Founder & CEO, Zinc Systems

About B4 Secure

Founded in 2016, B4 Secure is a Protective Intelligence provider. Through utilising highly skilled intelligence analysts and Open Source researchers and by working closely with Government and private sector, B4 Secure have developed a unique Business Intelligence Framework. This service provides clients with a clearer understanding and assessment of their threats, assisting in informed decision-making relating to threat and incident management. In addition to this B4 Secure provide analytical and intelligence products to support both civil and criminal litigation.

About Zinc Systems

Founded in 2004, Zinc is a software organisation focused on an award-winning SaaS platform called SYNAPSE ‘Analyst’; a product designed to solve the challenges of incident, crisis, and organisational resilience. We deliver future ready solutions that enable our clients to better protect their brand, assets, and people, whilst realising both operational and commercial efficiencies.

Get in touch today to find out how we can support you to reduce risk and improve business continuity.

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