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Launching the new Investigative Service

We are excited to launch an enhanced Investigative Service specialising in fraud – including Cryptocurrency, Money Laundering and Serious Crime.

With fraud increasing and becoming the highest reported crime along with clients now being impacted by the ‘failure to prevent fraud offence’ legislation, we have expanded our services and team in response to our clients’ needs and market demand.

Our established intelligence and analysis team are now joined by four highly experienced, professional Accredited Investigators. All come with an impressive proven track record in securing positive outcomes, prosecutions, and recovery of millions of pounds worth of assets. They are qualified and experienced in working at both civil and criminal levels, thereby ensuring correctly gathered evidence is placed in front of legal teams to secure the best possible outcome.

They will also support our analysts in working with clients to identify potentially fraudulent or insider risk activity, ensuring frauds are proactively prevented, saving huge losses and preventing reputational damage.

Join us in giving Andy James, Kevin Pellow, Jerry Millman, and Ian Jacobson a very warm welcome to the B4 Secure family!

Take a look at some of the well-known investigations they have contributed to:
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