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Data Analysis

Sourcing and Working With Data

Our innovative and investigative approach to data analysis has resulted in clients understanding where they are making revenue losses and has assisted in the recovery of millions of pounds.

Businesses have a multitude of data coming into their systems, this makes it difficult to understand which data will answer the questions that they are asking. Using software will not assist in identifying your data sources. Software and big data analytics are only as good as the data that you are feeding into these systems.

Using an investigative approach, we hunt for the data and importantly the sources that will supply the answers or, in some cases, discover where you have gaps in data collection. We have assisted clients by completing the analysis independently or in conjunction with their data science departments and audits.

We have uncovered trends to display customer behaviour and assisted in implementing ‘indicators and warnings’ into data collection that pro-actively alerts clients to changes.

Our data analysis enables clients to become more resilient. 

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